Monday, November 15, 2010

Jay Electronica signs to Roc Nation!

Rapper Jay Electronica signed to Roc Nation over the weekend.  The 34 year old New Orleans native penned the paper to Jay-Z's label which has caused controversy with friend and fellow rapper P.Diddy who was rumoured wanting to sign Jay Elec. Words were said on their personal Twitters which included Erykah Badu (female rapper who Elec has a baby with) tweeting Diddy saying "sorry". But they have spoken to each other and have made up with Diddy saying "all I want to do is see you win"

Now with all that fancy writing I've attempted real talk time. I've been bumping Jay for over a year now since hearing Exhibit A. He may be 34 year old which I would consider old for a new break through rapper, but damn he is dope and speaks the truth. Lyrically he can't be touched and with dope producers such as Just Blaze working along side him the next few years look bright for Jay.

Apart from that Jay-Z has struck gold with signing him to Roc. Elec will be joining a star studded roster including J.Cole (another lyrically dope, young and talented rapper), Rihanna, Wale (who I don't like), Willow Smith (hatehatehate) Alexis Jordan (hate ALOT) and a few other less significant people. Jay-Z will be raking in the money in the next few years.

But yeah this is app big news in America and I like rap so I thought I'd post it, I would say I liked Jay Elec before he got big, if I remember I had around 100 of his songs on my old iTunes before it died. And according to I first scrobbled him on the 14th of Nov 2009, which was yesterday :D

Exhibit A

Exhibit C

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