Monday, November 15, 2010

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

 I originally written something about Kanye's album but after listening to it more I changed my opinion and thought I'd write something better :) Mostly this is about how the reviewer is a bit gone in the head but still what an album.

"When Kanye West sings about "jerk-offs that’ll never take work off," you’d best believe he means himself. Being crazy is this guy’s job, and judging from the sound of his music, business is booming. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is his most maniacally inspired music yet, coasting on heroic levels of dementia, pimping on top of Mount Olympus. Yeezy goes for the grandeur of stadium rock, the all-devouring sonics of hip-hop, the erotic gloss of disco, and he goes for all of it, all the time. Nobody halfway sane could have made this album. "

I wouldn't say he is "crazy" to an extent, the person who wrote this review appears more crazy than Kanye. I wonder what drug the reviewer is on, talks more about Kanye being crazy than music.

"Last time, Kanye went minimal for the electro melancholia of 808s & Heartbreak. But onFantasy, he gets ridiculously maximal, blowing past all the rules of hip-hop and pop, even though, for the past half-decade, he’s been the one inventing the rules. There are hip-hop epics, R&B ballads, alien electronics, prog-rock samples, surprise guests from Bon Iver to Fergie to Chris Rock, even a freaking Elton John piano solo. It’s his best album, but it’s more than that — it’s also a rock-star manifesto for a downsizing world. At a time when we all get hectored about lowering our expectations, surrendering our attention spans, settling for less, West wants us to demand more."

Yeah 808s was shit, one or two good songs but it was so dull and boring. Once again the reviewer is a bit mad with saying "blowing past all the rules on hip-hop and pop", I don't think the reviewer listens to hip-hop much. I do admit I've thought thoughts about how great this album is but still I don't go as far as saying these big words and splurging shit.

"Nobody else is making music this daring and weird, from the spooky space funk of "Gorgeous" to the King Crimson-biting "Power" to the paranoid staccato strings of "Monster." Nearly six minutes into "Runaway," long after the song has already sealed itself in your brain, the sound cuts out and you think it’s over. Then there’s a plinking piano, the feedback of an electric guitar plugging in, some "Strawberry Fields"-style cellos and Yeezy himself singing a poignant Robert Fripp-style solo through his vocoder. There’s no way it should work, but it keeps rolling for three more minutes without breaking the spell."

Once again I wouldn't say the music is "daring or weird", Gorgeous isn't "funky", to be honest it might just be the worst song on the album (apart from maybe Who Will Survive In America or Dark Fantasy), having Cudi and Raekwon on the same track had so much potential but it wasn't to be. But Power and Monster were dope, the reviewer got that right. And Runaway has to be the best track for me, what an amazing song, it does entrance me.

Coming off a string of much-publicized emotional meltdowns, Yeezy is taking a deeper look inside the dark corners of his twisted psyche. He has sex and romance on his mind, but he comes clean about his male angst like never before. In confessions like "Runaway" and "Blame Game," he honestly struggles to figure out why he has to be such a douchebag. Yet the songs are also his funniest ever, with Kanye showing off lethal wit on the mic: In "Dark Fantasy," he rhymes "mercy, mercy me, that Murcielago" with "diablo," "bravado" and "My chick in that new Phoebe Philo/So much head, I woke up in Sleepy Hollow."

"deeper look inside the dark corners of his twisted psyche", yeah sure whatever you say, how did you get a job for Rolling Stone magazine seriously you're a wank reviewer. This is not his funniest album either, it's probs his least funny, and wow he rhymes words that sound alike, well done you handicap. 

"There’s a famous story about Queen making "Bohemian Rhapsody": Whenever the band thought the song was finished, Freddie Mercury would say, "I’ve added a few more ‘Galileos’ here, dear." But nobody can out-Galileo Kanye. With Fantasy, he makes everybody else on the radio sound laughably meek, but he’s also throwing down a challenge to the audience. Kanye West thinks you’re a moron if you settle for artists who don’t push as hard as he does. And that means pretty much everybody."

Bringing Freddie into this review and saying "nobody can out- Galileo Kanye" really questions   why are you writing this, Queen have nothing to do with this review and it is a poor metaphor. Yes Fantasy is an amazing album and probs the album of the year, but calm the socks man. Anyone who gets played on the radio is meek for sure because the radio is shit, but I doubt Kanye set out making an album to solely challenge "the audience", he just wants bitches and money. And finally "Kanye West things you're a moron..." please stop writing reviews you idiot.

So Rob Sheffield from Rolling Stone magazine if you ever read this which I know you wont you honestly suck at reviews and probs didn't even listen to the album. Personally it started off as a good album and with more listens turned into a great one, with guest features from some notable artists. Still would of liked a few others in there. Hell of a Life and Runaway are stand out songs, aswell as Power and Monster but I had them before I heard the album so I was used to listening to them so to say. I'm putting it as my best album of the year so far.

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